# Project Hail Mary

Published 2021-12-20

Like most people, I first knew about Andy Weir through the movie Martian. It was a great sci-fi movie with the science presented accurately. Therefore, when I knew that Andy Weir's latest science fiction, Project Hail Mary, was released, I immediately bought the book and started reading.

Project Hail Mary tells the story of Ryland Grace, a high school scienc teacher, who was involved in a mission to save the Solar System. It turns out to be another great science fiction, which in my opinion won't disappoint anyone who is attracted to it because of Andy Weir's previous fictions. It definitely is the best book I read in 2021. I was later delighted to see that Bill Gates featured Project Hail Mary as one of the five books he loved reading this year, and the book was also the winner of in the sci-fi category in the 2021 Goodreads Choice Award.

In many aspect, Project Hail Mary is similar to Martian. Both protagonists are scientists who were thrown into desperate situations in which they have to fight for their own survival with their scientific knowledge. However, in Project Hail Mary, Ryland's purpose is not only to survive but also to make sure that the mission to save the solar system and the human race. This adds more complexity into the story, as well as the decision making processes that Ryland has to gone through.

Although I enjoy different types of science fiction, I always find it more engaging when the aurthor attempts to present sciecne as accurate as possible and to explain things that appear in the story with existing scientific knowledge. That is why I enjoy reading Project Hail Mary very much. I highly recommend the book to anyone who is looking for something fun and inspiring to read over a weekend.